Photography is our life

Photography is our life

Photography is our life Photography is our life Photography is our life

About ME


Hey there! I’m Mariana, a Connecticut-based Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer. I love telling peoples’ stories through pictures and capturing those special moments in their lives.   I love what I do because it will always reminds my customers of that special day, whether it was a simple family gathering or a full blown wedding onboard a cruise ship. You can count on me capturing that special moment.   I have the best photographic equipment, paired with all the training and experience received you will be amazed with my work.   I have a flat rate basis giving all customers the best prices in town. I am willing to travel to any location in the world with advance notice. The customer will be responsible for any travel fees involved. I am here for here for you! Call me to set up your next event.


  • Wedding  
  • Maternity
  • Engagement
  • Special event 
  • Family   
  • Newborn 


As a customer, my ONLY priority is you! I have the experience to capture your lifetime memoirs and the first choice when it comes to any family event!  

All photo packages include: 

All photo editing, free downloads through Google Drive or USB, extra indoor lighting, and high resolution images. 

Here’s what you can expect from me:  I create a fun and relaxed atmosphere that puts you at ease, so you can feel comfortable in front of the camera. My focus is also on quality—I always make sure everything is as perfect as it can be.  Get in touch and let’s capture those special moments!


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